tasya khila bhAho


harivamsha parva
ch 46

daitya parAjayaH
of demons’ defeat



vaishaMpAyana uvAcha : vaishampAyana continued:

evamastu iti saMhR^iShTaH shakraH tridasha-vaddhanaH |
saMdidesha agrataH somaM yuddhAya shishira-Ayudham ||1-46-1

Saying delightedly ‘so be it’ to raingod varuNa, the king and benefactor of all gods, indra, first of all bade the moongod, soma, whose weapons are just gelid-beams, to charge the demons in battle, saying this to moongod…

shakra uvAcha: indra said to moon:

gachCha soma sahAyatvaM  kuru pAsha-dharasya vai |
asurANAM vinAshAya jayAya  cha divaukasAm ||1-46-2

soma,” indra said to moon in a war-warm-up mood, “join hands with the wielder of noose, raingod varuNa, in destroying demons and for the victory to the inhabitants of the sky…

tvam apratima vIryaH cha jyotiShAM cha IshvareshvaraH |
tvat mayaM sarva-lokAnAM rasaM rasa-vido viduH ||1-46-3

You are gifted with incomparable energy, the lord of all the luminous bodies, and scholars with know-how of essential nature know that you are the real essence for living imbued in all the worlds…

kShaya-vR^iddhI tava avyakte sAgarasya iva maNDale |
pari-vartasi ahorAtraM kAlaM jagati yojayan ||1-46-4

A regularly correlative waxing and waning, or ebbing and tiding are manifest in you and in ocean, while you two are capable of recouping the waned and ebbed portion of yours… as such, you joins hands with ocean god varuNa to combat demons… because you spin day and night you are a calibrator for time measurement…

loka-chChAyAmayaM lakShma tava a~Nke shasha-saMj~nitam |
na viduH soma-deva api ye cha nakShatra yoginaH ||1-46-5

Your polished surface is marked with a silhouette of world evocative of a hare, and even the astrologers, who are experts in the science of stars, are nescient of its factuality…

tvam Aditya pathAt UrdhvaM jyotiShAM cha upari sthitaH |
tamashchotsArya vapuShA bhAsayasi akhilaM jagat ||1-46-6

Abiding above the solar path and other luminous bodies you dispel gloom and brighten the entire world with your body and beams…

shveta-bhAnuH hima-tanuH jyotiShAm-adhipaH shashI |
abda-kR^it kAla-yoga-AtmA Ijyo yaj~na-raso avyayaH ||1-46-7

Argentine-beamed, silverthaw-bodied, constellations-convoker, hare-bannered, year-maker, soul-of-timescale, much- sought-after-god, quintessence-of-soma-factor-in-rituals, eternal-entity…

oShadhi-IshaH kriyA-yoniH ambho-yoniH an-uShNa-bhAk |
shIta-aMshuH amR^ita-AdhAraH chapalaH shveta-vAhanaH ||1-46-8

Medicne-lord, measure-for-ritual-events, fount-for-ritual-water, heatless-candent, cold-rayed, cornerstone-of-ambrosia, mercurial-natured, vehicle-silvery…

tvam kAntiH kAnta-vapuShAM tvaM somaH soma-vR^ittinAm |
saumyaH tvaM sarva-bhUtAnAM timira-ghnaH tvam R^ikSha-rAT ||1-46-9

You are lambency, enviable by you conformation, elixir of life, and the life of those who depend on your elixir, soma-rasa, namely soma-jIvikA-s, i.e., gods who are the sippers of soma… your charm charms in every charming object, dispeller of darkness for every being, and you are the star-lord…

tat gachCha tvaM saha anena varuNena varUthinA |
shamayasva AsurIM mAyAM yayA dahyAma saMgara ||1-46-10

Such as you are you charge with your array accompanying raingod varuNa, and quench this factitious fire with which we are being burnt…” so said indra to soma…

soma uvAcha : soma replied

yat mAM vadasi yuddha arthe devarAja jagatpate |
eSha varShAmi shishiraM daitya mAyA pakarShaNam ||1-46-11

etAn mat shIta-nirdagdhAn pashya tvaM hima-veShTitAn |
vi-mAyAn vi-madAn chaiva dAnavAn tvaM mahA-mR^idhe ||1-46-12

“With which confidence you are asking me to combat the whirlfire that I will keep up by just storming icestorms on demons that repulses this fictional whirlfire… you may behold how demons will be divested of their wizardry and haughtiness when burnt with my chill and covered with sleet…” so said moon to indra…

vaishaMpAyana uvAcha : vaishampAyana continued:

tataH hima-karaH utsR^iShTAH su-bAShpA hima-vR^iShTayaH |
veShTayanti sma tAn ghorAn daityAn megha-gaNA iva ||1-46-13

Then dew-maker moon hurled sleetstorms mixed with raindrops and snow that spiralled round the deadly demons like cloudcovers… 

tau pAsha shukla-aMshu dharau varuNa indU mahA-raNe |
jaghnatur hima-pAtaiH cha pAta-ghAtaiH cha dAnavAn ||1-46-14

Those two, the raingod - the wilder of noose; and the moongod - the wielder of moonbeams; started striking the demons with snowfalls and rainfalls…

dvau aMbu-nAthau samare tau pAsha-hima-yodhinau |
mR^idhe cheratur ambhobhiH kShubdhau iva mahArNavau ||1-46-15

Those two lords of water, battlers with noose and snow, began to range like two swelling oceans deluging the battlefield…

tAbhyAm AplAvitaM sainyaM tat dAnavam adR^ishyata |
jagat saMvartaka aMbodhaiH pravR^iShTaiH iva saMvR^itam ||1-46-16x

As with the world going into oblivion when buried under the clouds of ravage at era-ending, the army of demons fell into oblivion when raingod and moongod inundated with rainstorms…

tau udyata aMshu pAshau dvau shashA~Nka varuNau raNe |
shamayAmAsatur mAyAM devau daiteya nirmitAm ||1-46-17

Mooongod and raingod have quickly deescalated the demon-crafted eidolonic fire just wielding moonbeams and noose…

shIta-aMshu jala nirdagdhAH pAshaiH cha prasitA raNe |
na shekuH chalituM daityA vi-shiraskA iva adrayaH||1-46-18

Set afire with cool-beams and water, and noose making them immobile, the daityA-s are anchored like foundered headless-mountains…

shItAMshu nihatAH te tu petur daityA hima arditAH |
hima prAvR^ita sarvA~NgA nir-UShmANa iva agnayaH ||1-46-19

Some hit with cold-beams, some quashed with chilliness, some with all limbs snowed up, some squelched, started falling like down-furled heatless fire…

teShAM tu divi daityAnAM viparIta-prabhANi cha |
vimAnAni vichitrANi nipatanti utpatanti cha ||1-46-20

High, wide, and handsome chariots of demons that are so far hustly-bustly on the sky teeter-tottered in there…

tAn pAsha-hasta grathitA~n chChAditAn hima-rashminA |
mayo dadarsha mAyAvI dAnavAn divi dAnavaH || 1-46-21

On observing the sore straits of his troopers, where some fettered with the noose of raingod and some flaked with snow-flakes, dAnava mAya could notice the fade of phantastic fire… then he embarked on another phantasm, mAyA-parvata-mAya, a trick with tricksy-mountains…

sa shilA-jAla-vitatAM gaNDa-shaila-aTTahAsinIm |
pAdapa utkaTa-kUTa-agrAM kandara AkIrNa kAnanAm ||1-46-22

In that trick demon mAya spun off spanning ranges of mountains with rocky crags and cliffs, peaks thick with thickets of gigantic trees, mountainsides spread with yawning caves and fusty forests…   

siMha vyAghra gaja AkIrNAM nadantIm iva yUthapaiH |
IhA-mR^iga gaNa AkIrNAM pavana AghUrNita drumAm ||1-46-23

With sprawling lions, tigers and elephants, and uproarious with roaring soldiery - yUthapA-s = mAyA-yoddhA-s; further, those mountains are infested with hosts of - IhA-mR^iga gaNA-s – AI creatures, automated monsters, robots, and cybots etc. while the wind-hit trees are swaying, uprooting and falling distantly on targets…

nirmitAM svena putreNa krau~nchena divi kAma-gAm |
prasR^itAM pArvatIM mAyAM sasR^ije dAnava uttamaH ||1-46-24

Demon mAya has now released this phantastic mountain-trick, while his own son demon krau~ncha, who has devised the whole gamut of this trick, is meandering on the sky at will, supervising the functionality of this phantasm…

sa ashma shabdaiH shilA varShaiH saMpatadbhiH cha pAdapaiH |
nijaghne deva sa~NghAn tAn dAnavAn chApi ajIvayat ||1-46-25
naishAkarI vAruNI cha mAya antar dadhataH tataH |
ashmabhiH cha Ayasa-ghanaiH kiran devagaNAn raNe ||1-46-26

While supervising demon krau~ncha assaulted gods with sonorous fizzing of rocks, storms of stones, plunging of trees, and by strewing iron clouds and rocks on the hosts of gods on the battle-field… simultaneously he re-animated demons making the illusion spun by raingod futile and dissipated…

sa ashma sa~NghAta viShamA druma parvata sa~NkaTA |
abhavat ghora sa~nchArA pR^ithivI parvataiH iva ||1-46-27

The earth, already uneven with a collection of mountains and thick trees, is further covered with mountains and trees fallen on earth as relics of that war, with which the earth has become impassable, even to gods if they would like to hide on earth, whereby they are stranded in mid sky…

na a-nAhato ashmabhiH kashchit shilAbhiH cha atha tADitaH |
na a-niruddho druma-gaNaiH devo adR^ishyata saMyuge ||1-46-28
tat apabhraShTa dhanuShaM bhagna praharaNAvilam |
niSh-prayatnaM sura AnIkaM varjayitvA gadAdharam ||1-46-29

On the gods side none appeared unhurt with rocks, none looked unscathed with boulders, and none seemed to be unhindered with hosts of trees – indicating the complete rout of gods every god is wielding a broken bow or smashed weapon, whereby gods’ army became effete to fight anymore – excepting the mace wielding god shrIhari

sa hi yuddha-gataH shrImAn Isho na sma vyakampata |
sahiShNutvAt jagat-svAmI na chukrodha gadAdharaH ||1-46-30

Although the glorious one and the lord of the universe, gadA-dhara, aka viShNu, is available on the battlefield from the start, he is unperturbed and unexcited with anger on account of his compos mentis – sahiShNutvam

kAla-j~naH kAla-megha-AbhaH samaikShat kAlam Ahave |
deva asura vimardaM sa draShTukAmo janArdanaH ||1-46-31

Wishful to see the mutual onslaught of gods and demons, thereby to assess their strengths and weaknesses, he who resembles a black-cloud arriving at the era-end, and who is conversant with timing of events, that god janArdana, aka viShNu, waited for the proper time to enter into the picture of battle…

tato bhagavatA AdiShtaH raNe pAvaka mArutau |
shamana arthaM pravR^iddhAyA mAyAyA maya sR^iShTayA ||1-46-32

Thereupon entering on proper time viShNu ordered the firegod and airgod to deal with the phantastic-mountain-combat created by maya-asura in that war…

tataH pravR^iddhau anyonyaM pravR^iddhau jvAla-vAhinau |
choditau viShNu vAkyena tAM mAyAM vyapakarShatAm ||1-46-33

Then firegod and airgod who for themselves are the illimitable entities have now joined hands to become a two-in-one preponderance at the behest of viShNu to drag-anchor the magic-mountain-sortie from field…

tAbhyAm udbhrAnta vegAbhyAM pravR^iddhAbhyAM mahA-Ahave |
dagdhA sA pArvatI-mAyA bhasmIbhUtA nanAsha ha ||1-46-34

That tempestuous pair of rain and fire gods became impetuous in that great battle and on burning down the mountain-phantasy, reduced it ashes and thus eradicated it…

saH anilo anala saMyuktaH saH analH cha anila AkulaH |
daitya senAM dadahatur yugAnteShu iva mUrchChitau ||1-46-35

Air infused with fire and fire suffused with air, and undergoing an ictus of era-ending anger, as it were, that twosome airfire has incinerated the demonic army …

vAyuH pradhAvitaH tatra pashchAt agniH cha mArutAt |
cheratur dAnava AnIke krIDantau an ala anilau ||1-46-36

Fire zagged there to where the air zipped which seemed like a hit-and-miss sport of those two gods played overhead while the demons underneath this zigzag burned down…

bhasma-avayava-bhUteShu prapatatsu ut-patatsu cha |
dAnaveShu vinaShTeShu kR^ita karmaNi pAvake ||1-46-37

vAta-skandha-apaviddheShu vimAneShu samantataH |
mAyA-bandhe vinirvR^itte stUyamAne gadAdhare ||1-46-38

Firegod felt accomplished in his work when the limbs of some dAnavA-s are charmed, some fell down, some trying to rise but turning head over heels, while some completely ruined… when airgod shouldered every aircraft of demons down everybody felt that they are relived of the magical spell created by demons, and started eulogising shrIhari…

niSh-prayatneShu daityeShu trai-lokye mukta-bandhane |
saMprahR^iShTeShu deveShu sAdhu sAdhu iti sarvashaH ||1-46-39

 When the daityA-s remained unventuresome, hitherto laid harpy-deterrents in three worlds became null, and the gods everywhere delightedly said ‘excellent, superb, splendid…’

jaye dasha-shata-akShasya mayasya cha parAjaye |
dikShu sarvAsu shuddhAsu pravR^itte dharma-saMstare ||1-46-40

When indra achieved victory and demon maya met with discomfiture, all the quarters became clear and Vedic rituals recommenced…

apAvR^itte chandra-pathe ayanasthe divAkare |
prakR^itistheShu lokeShu nR^iShu chAritra-bandhuShu ||1-46-41

The path of the moon cleared up, the sun placed in his path, all the elements restored to their natural order and men, fond of good conduct, functioned at ease…

a-bhinna-bandhane mR^ityau hUyamAne hutAshane |
yaj~na bhAgiShu deveShu svarga-arthaM darshayatsu cha ||1-46-42

Death so far constrained to cause timely deaths is now unconstrained and he is not causing untimely deaths – a-kAla mR^ityu-s, vedic-litany to firegod resumed, and the gods regularly receiving the shares of fire-oblations have reassumed a regular ushership to heaven for the oblators…

loka-pAleShu sarveShu dikShu saMyAnavartiShu |
bhAve tapasi shuddhAnAm abhAve duShTa-karmiNAm ||1-46-43

The presiding deities of tend directions, dik-pAlakA-s, are guarding them fairly unhindered to wend their way in their jurisdictions; saintly people have revived their ascesis unhampered by the transgressors…

deva-pakShe pramudite daitya-pakShe viShIdati |
tri-pAda-vigrahe dharme adharme pAda-vigrahe ||1-46-44

At that time gods bloc is jubilant while demons camp despaired; dharma is tripodal while a-dharma is a monopod…

a-pAvR^ite mahA-dvAre vartamAne cha sat-pathe |
sva-dharmastheShu varNeShu loke.asmin AshrameShu cha ||1-46-45

prajA-rakShaNa-yukteShu bhrAjamAneShu rAjasu |
gIyamAnAsu gAthAsu deva saMstavana AdiShu  ||1-46-46

The empyreal gates – moksha kavATA-s, are wide open while people started to trek on the avenue of virtue; people in this world stood firm with their caste-bound duties, or hermitage bound missions…

The ongoing trend of kings bracing the protection of people has picked up from where it has been left off… everywhere eulogies and legends in praise of gods became audible again…

prashAnta-kaluShe loke shAnte tapasi dArune |
agni mArutayoH tasmin nyvR^itte  saMgrAma karmaNi ||1-46-47
tanmayA vimalA lokAH tAbhyAM jaya kR^ita priyAH |

Seeing the world with silenced vice and nullified ultra-ascesis with parlous outcome, then firegod and airgod have beaten a retreat from further warring, for which the people at large, rather mother earth, smiled her gratitude at fire and air gods since some of her burden is doffed with war, and sung praise-songs for them…

pUrva-deva bhayaM shrutvA mAruta-agni kR^itaM mahat ||
kAlanemiH iti khyAto dAnavaH pratyadR^ishyata ||1-46-48

On hearing about the terror experienced by the opposers of gods - pUrva-devA-s - namely daityA-s, caused to the maximum by firegod and airgod, a demon renowned as kAla-nemi appeared on the battlefield…

bhAskara AkAra mukuTaH shi~njita AbharaNa a~NgadaH |
mandara achala saMkAsho mahArajata saMvR^itaH ||1-46-49

Appearing mountainous like Mt. mandara, with an equally lofty crown in the shape of solar disc, adorned with jingling ornaments, mighty biceps bedecked with prestigious bicep-lets, whole body enswathed with high silver gear…

shata-praharaNa-udagraH shata-bAhuH shata-AnanaH |
shata-shIrShA sthitaH shrImA~n shata-shR^i~Nga iva achalaH ||1-46-50

With a hundred arms upraised to strike in hundred ways, that glorious hundred-faced demon stood like a hundred-peaked-mountain spanning his hundred heads…

kakShe mahati saMvR^iddho hima-anta iva pAvakaH ||1-46-51
dhUmra kesho harit Chmashrur daMShTrA-loShTa-puTa AnanaH |
trai-lokya antara vistAro dhArayan vipulaM vapuH ||1-46-52

Sporting a coppery hair akin to fire that burns summertime dry grass, and a greenish beard, faces with teeth jutting out of lips, his body seemed to be jutting into the interstices of all the three worlds… such is his lofty look…

bAhubhiH tulayan vyoma kShipan padbhyAM mahIdharAn |
Irayan mukha niHshvAsaiH vR^iShTimanto balAhakAH ||1-46-53

His arms appeared to be maintaining equiponderance of skies, his feet footballing mountains, and suspires shoving black-clouds to smithereens…

tiryak-Ayata-rakta-akShaM mandara udagra varchasam |
didhakShantam iva AyAntaM sarvAn devag aNan mR^idhe ||1-46-54

Swerving his broad bloodshot eyes all over, standing upright with upsurged fervour like lofty Mt. mandara, he readied himself in battlefield to put whichever host of gods that comes first in eyeshot distance to torch…

tarjayantaM sura-gaNAn ChAdayantaM disho dasha |
saMvarta-kAle kShudhitaM dR^iptaM mR^ityum iva utthitam ||1-46-55

Terrorising hosts of gods, pervading all ten directions, he looked to have risen as an overbearing and overwrought Death appearing at era-endings…

su-talena uchChritavatA vipula a~Nguli parvaNA |
mAlya-AbharaNa-pUrNena ki~nchit chalita varmaNA ||1-46-56
uchChritena agra hastena dakShiNena vapuShmatA |
dAnavAn deva-nihatAn uttiShThadhvam iti bruvan ||1-46-57

Raising his right hand showing his palm as a sign of assurance – abhaya hastam – stretching long fingers, full with garlands and ornaments on his body, with a little disordered armour, yet a wonder to have a look, addressed the demons routed by gods, “Get up, stand up, never give up the fight…”

taM kAlanemiM samare dviShatAM kAla sannibham |
vIkShanti sma  surAH sarve bhaya viklava mAnasAH ||1-46-58

Seeing such a demon kAla-nemi on the battlefield, one who is like Death himself unto his enemies, the hearts of celestials wobbled with fear…

taM sma vIkShanti bhUtAni kramantaM kAlaneminam |
tri-vikramaM vikrmantaM nArAyaNam iva aparam ||1-46-59

On seeing his long strides other beings mistook demon kAla-nemi for the god nArAyaNa dawned afresh as another trivikrama

saH uchChrayan prathamaM pAdaM mAruta AghUrNita ambaraH |
prAkrAmat asuro yuddhe trAsayan sarva devatAH ||1-46-60

When that asura kAla-nemi put his best foot forward on the battlefield as war-tramping, for which stamping the airgod could shove his loincloth a little aside, which terrorised all the gods since it indicated that he is primed up for a fresh war – yuddhonmukhata…

sa mayena asura-indreNa pariShvaktaH kraman raNe |
kalanemiH babhau daityaH sa viShNuH iva mandaraH ||1-46-61

And when demon kAla-nemi strutted on battlefield clipping demon maya he shone forth like viShNu walking with Mt. mandara

atha vi-vyathire devAH sarve shakra-purogamAH |
dR^iShTvA kAlam iva AyAntaM kAlanemiM bhayAvaham ||1-46-62 

Thereupon beholding the dreadful demon kAla-nemi approach like death himself all the gods headed by indra have undergone a macabre eeriness…


iti shrImanmahAbhArate khileShu harivaMshe harivaMshaparvaNi
kAlanemi prakramaNe ShaDchatvAriMsho.adhyAyaH

Thus, this is the forty-sixth chapter of first canto called harivamsha-parva, in harivamsha-purANa, the sequel of mahAbhArata, narrating the defeat of demons and the entrance of demon kAla-nemi into god-demon war.


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